Arctic Geoinvest strengthens and supports co-operation between research and business, covering participation in national and international projects.

Arctic Geoinvest – part of the Finnish Innovation Centre network

We are an active research and business partner. Top-class research skills combined with engagement-driven, value-based businesses are the most important resources for our ecosystem development. The aim of the Innovation Centre is to facilitate the emergence of new innovations and the commercialisation of research findings.

Services for companies

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New business opportunities and close co-operation with arctic geosciences research organisations.

Arctic Geoinvest offers services to companies and business ventures at different stages of development, by providing expert services and co-ordination for innovation. We can also help you to apply for funding.

If you are looking for competent partners from research and innovation to help with implementation of a project, or if your company has technology and skills useful to researchers, please contact us.

The Geoinnovation Centre’s competence areas include:

geophysics measurements, research and expertise based on measurement data

remote sensing and modelling techniques for tracking and predicting environmental changes, reference material of atmospheric, surface and mast measurements, satellite data processing and archiving

remote sensing relating to geophysics and space sciences, for example mapping of space depris and NEO lines

evaluation, research and sustainable use of mineral resources

research, expertise and services relating to spatial information

specialist knowledge areas, for example 3D-modelling related to arctic geosciences

making use of wireless network technologies, for example in intelligent transport solutions

tourism-related innovations, for example alerts for Northern Lights

Services for researchers

Tools for utilising research findings and for strengthening business cooperation

For research organisations, Arctic Geoinvest offers good business networks and channels for connecting through various collaborative projects.

If you are looking for a business partner in a research and innovation project, contact us.

The fields of expertise of collaborating companies include:

radio technology systems and associated research and expert services 

geophysics measurements and associated expert services

equipment and research services for mining operations

research, expertise and services related to spatial information

heavy industry and mining security systems

managing large data streams

system design and project management

Innovation voucher and Horizon 2020

Innovation voucher

For whom?

The innovation voucher is intended for SMEs engaged in well-established business (the company has a turnover from at least one fiscal year which has ended), wishing to launch innovation activities. Innovation activities refer to all measures employed by the company to develop its products, services or processes, or to acquire new knowledge and competencies required in innovation activities.


You can use the innovation vouchers to purchase new knowledge and skills for your business. You may use them for purchasing expert services related to innovation activities, for instance, from companies providing innovation services, universities, universities of applied sciences and research organisations. Innovation activities refer to all measures employed by the company to develop its products, services or processes, or to acquire new knowledge and competencies required in innovation activities

Horizon 2020

Unlike some other EU programmes, for example structural funds, Horizon 2020 is managed by the Commission and its agencies in Brussels. This means that the proposals are sent directly to Brussels, and the funding decisions are made there.

The projects are international: the consortium consists of a minimum of three separate organisations from three different member states. However, in some funding schemes (the SME instrument) one participant is enough. 

The participation of SMEs is highly encouraged throughout the programme, and in particular in close-to-market actions. SMEs can participate in collaborative projects in a consortium or apply for funding through the dedicated SME instrument.

The Calls for Proposals, budgets and timetables are listed in the Work Programme. Potential applicants can also contact the relevant National Contact Point for more information and advice on how to participate.

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