Arctic Geoinvest is a promoter, implementer and broker for innovation and regional development.

Arctic Geoinvest complements the Finnish Innovations Centre network

Our core business is to combine business and research activities, and enable different piloting opportunities and international business possibilities.

We play a key role as a networker, regardless of industry or organisation type. Our task is to identify the needs of companies and the opportunities offered by research institutes, to foster networks and to intensify dialogue between businesses and research facilities.

Top-class research skills, in combination with committed network-based companies are the most important resources for developing our ecosystem.

Our priorities

Mapping the R&D and financing markets for the Arctic geosciences

Searching of technological applications and interfaces for Arctic geosciences

Utilization of the R&D organisations’ knowledge in the SME’s and planning of further actions

Arctic Geoinvest service network

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Our priorities

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Innovation identification

Our focus is the active monitoring of innovation in arctic geosciences and their supportive industries, as well as identification and promotion of new ideas with commercial potential.

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Through Arctic Geoinvest, you can connect with other companies and researchers. Our approach is strongly based on networking. Our extensive network consists of national and international business and research organisations, as well as donor representatives.

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Support to find right financing instruments

Business Finland offers funding for research and development work carried out by companies, research organizations, and public sector service providers in Finland.


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