The three-year Arctic Geoinvest - project has been completed. Thank you for your cooperation! Although the project is over, work on the project's themes is continuing.

Arctic Geoinvest is the marketing name for the Arctic Geoinnovation Center project. The project time is 1.1.2017-31.12.2019 and will have a total budget of € 826,208. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding program (75%).

Arctic Geoinvest draws on a versatile and strong collaboration network to promote the usage and deployment of Arctic geoinnovations and related technical applications in companies in the field.

Our priorities

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Innovation identification

Our focus is the active monitoring of innovation in arctic geosciences and their supportive industries, as well as identification and promotion of new ideas with commercial potential.

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Through Arctic Geoinvest, you can connect with other companies and researchers. Our approach is strongly based on networking. Our extensive network consists of national and international business and research organisations, as well as donor representatives.

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Support to find right financing instruments

Business Finland offers funding for research and development work carried out by companies, research organizations, and public sector service providers in Finland.



Arctic Geoinvest supports realization of this process of innovation, and provides practical information on the general rules of development. Arctic Geoinvest service concept initiates and maintains genuine and close cooperation between companies and R&D organizations. We promote corporate growth and internationalization, and bring our world-class Arctic research and expertise to a broad audience. We arrange cooperation projects to offer research centres new opportunities for effective use of research expertise.

Among the other services that we provide as part of our innovation operations are support in creating cooperation networks, in finding the right funding channels, and in preparing funding applications.

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